Canada Doubles Down on Key Strengths to Boost Innovation
Debbie Lawes
President, Dovercourt Editorial Services
Alberta has the Ingredients to Propel Health System Advancements
Dr. Kathryn Todd
Vice President Research, Innovation and Analytics
Alberta Health Services
Answering the Call to Build Canada as a Global Centre of Innovation
Dr. Usha George
Interim Vice-President, Research and Innovation
Ryerson University
Championing Government's Role as First Customer of Innovation
Dr. Tom Corr
President and CEO
Ontario Centres of Excellence
Federal Purchasing Power Supports Canadian Innovators
The Honourable Judy M. Foote
Minister of Public Services and Procurement
How College-Industry Partnerships are Addressing Canada's Innovation
Darren Lawless, PhD
Dean, Applied Research & Innovation
Humber College
Innovation at The Royal Could Lead to Personalized Mental Illness Treatment
The Royal
It Takes a Whole Country...
Dr. Marc Nantel
Associate Vice-President Research & Innovation
Niagara College Canada
Low-Cost Energy Storage Critical for Widespread Adoption of Green Energy
Dr. Martha Crago, Vice President Research
Dr. Ian Hill, Associate Vice President Research
Dalhousie University
No Half-Measures After Brock Made the Turn Into Research
Brock University
Nurturing a Culture of Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities
Cindy Gillett
Director, Office of Applied Research and Innovation
People: Our Greatest Natural Resource
Ian McWalter
President & CEO
CMC Microsystems
Tackling the Tailings Challenge through R&D
Syncrude Canada
Turning the Tide for Innovation in Canada
Dr. Gilles G. Patry
President and CEO
Canada Foundation for Innovation
University of Northern BC is Developing Local Solutions that are Globally Relevant
Dr. Geoffrey W. Payne
Interim Vice President Research & Graduate Programs
University of Northern British Columbia
York University Intensifies Research, Highlights ROI: Q&A with the Vice-President Research & Innovation, York University
Dr. Robert Haché
Vice-President Research & Innovation
York University