Insights from Leaders in R&D and Innovation

As Canada’s most research-intensive university, it’s incumbent upon us to ensure our wider communities – local, national and global – reap the benefits of our research. That’s why our collaborations with industries, organizations, and governments are integral to our research enterprise. These partnerships mean our research findings are placed in the hands of those who can put them to their best use, ultimately, improving the health and well-being of society.
Like Canada’s Defence Strategy, L3 remains proud of our strong Canadian workforce, our capable and secure technologies, and our passion to innovate and engage with our Defence and Security partners. As a prime contractor and trusted system provider we are well positioned to generate strong innovative products and solutions today and well into the future.
There are two codes that underlie innovation and growth: the digital code of 0s and 1s that drives technology, and the genetic code of ATCG that governs the biological world. Through investment in genomics, Genome Canada is harnessing the code of life to fuel Canada’s growing bioeconomy and benefit Canadians.
Dalhousie University’s first 200 years have seen it transform from a local centre of learning to an institution with global impact. Our unique, interactive and collaborative environment encourages all researchers to achieve excellence, while expanding on opportunities for pioneering research grounded in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Carleton University’s multidisciplinary research approach has fostered significant impacts on society involving national networks, industry partnerships, and international collaborations. Working together in areas like energy efficiency, accessibility, Big Data, Indigenous communities, autonomous systems, and refugees ensures a brighter future for all.
At Sheridan, we are committed to nurturing and integrating innovative research within our inclusive framework of scholarship, research and creative activities. By fostering a culture of research, we deliver economic and social benefits to our industry and community collaborators, and strengthen Sheridan’s academic quality and unique character.
Applied research at Saskatchewan Polytechnic is where ideas meet reality, delivering practical solutions to everyday challenges. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a big idea, or an industry professional with a challenge requiring a solution, Sask Polytech has the tools and expertise to help.
The University of Waterloo brings together world-class academic strength, leading-edge research, experience-rich learning and a highly networked entrepreneurial culture that ignites curiosity and enables bold ventures. The Waterloo culture builds bridges between imagination and industry on a foundation of innovation that matters.
Over a century ago, our founding researchers made remarkable discoveries and developed exceptional innovations that transformed disciplines, and improved lives and livelihoods. This tradition inspires University of Guelph research today – we create and mobilize knowledge that promotes the health and well-being of humans, animals, the environment, agriculture and society on a global scale.
Solutions to daunting global challenges – food, water and energy security – will not come from any one government, university or industry but from all of us working together in multi-sectoral partnerships across national and disciplinary boundaries. That’s the new paradigm needed to make Canada the most innovative country in the world.
For the fourth year, Lakehead University is proud to be Canada’s #1 research university in our category. Our new Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering and Sciences (CASES) includes specialized laboratories that will increase the scale and quality of research at Lakehead. As an innovative comprehensive university, we create future leaders who have big ideas for a better world.
Ryerson continues its trajectory of excellence, impact and research growth. Our leadership in city building, diversity, inclusion, collaboration and partnerships uniquely positions us to innovate for the future and make impact. In our city, across the country and globally, we continue to build upon a solid foundation of research excellence.
As Canada’s #1 College in applied research, Lambton College brings together world class faculty and staff, leading edge infrastructure and a highly collaborative culture to develop exceptional innovations and enable bold ideas. Through research excellence, Lambton stimulates economic growth and improves health and well-being of individuals, communities and environment globally.
Research intensity at Laurentian is growing by leaps and bounds. We have moved up from 39th to 28th in the national university rankings in 5 years and are now Canada’s number one undergraduate university in total sponsored research income. Catalyzed within Northeastern Ontario, and reflecting our unique geographic, cultural and demographic circumstances, our research and innovation activities have global reach.
I am proud of what we have achieved with our outstanding researchers and innovators. We have built a community of innovative thinkers, driven toward ground-breaking research and discovery. It is our deep commitment to connect research and innovation to communities and the greater good that makes York truly stand out.
CCNB-INNOV has demonstrated that colleges have a place in the research world. Colleges help companies on the front lines, addressing real-world problems using applied sciences from various fields of study. It’s just-in-time research, delivered when the clients need it the most. The socioeconomic impact of such an approach is remarkable.