Sheridan College: Driving innovation and impact in industry and communities
Andrea England
Vice Provost, Research

Sheridan College

In a complex world that is changing at a breakneck speed, the need for bold and collaborative ways of bringing about meaningful and sustainable impact grows stronger. Generator at Sheridan - researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers - brings people together to spark ideas and advance solutions to issues that really matter.

"Engaging and empowering community and industry partners is key to our approach, so that we continue to deliver social and economic benefits through our work," says Andrea England, Sheridan's Vice Provost, Research. "Our future-focused view ensures that our faculty, staff and students keep pace with the changing needs of our external partners and of the world's evolving landscape."

At Sheridan, purpose and passion unite the extraordinary research, innovation and entrepreneurship undertaken across its Faculties and Centres. Here are a few examples from the last year that showcase Generator at Sheridan's powerful impacts:

Innovation Supports for Business

Sheridan's Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT) collaborated with industry partner CleanAir.AI on the development of an advanced air filter for commercial and residential HVAC systems, called ALVI. ALVI provides its users with cleaner air, while keeping them connected and informed about the air they're breathing. The applied research out of CAMDT addressed the demonstration of ALVI in commercial buildings to offer enhanced air quality and has since contributed to the commercialization of a CleanAIR Service™ solution for the hotel industry.

Tackling COVID-19 Misinformation

Professors Dr. Nathaniel Barr and Dr. Michael McNamara from the Sheridan Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, in collaboration with BEworks, MediaSmarts, and leading researchers in misinformation, designed, tested and disseminated evidence-based communication and education tools meant to change online behaviour and promote digital literacy. They began by looking at behavioural insights from scientific literature about why people think and act the way they do and then leveraged the creativity of Sheridan alumni from the Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design to visualize the findings in a compelling way. The interventions they developed were disseminated widely on social media, garnering over 1.3 million Twitter impressions. The research generated critical knowledge around interventions that can effectively minimize the spread of misinformation.

Support for Under-Represented Communities

A Sheridan research team led by professor Dr. Ferzana Chaze, in collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Peel, have created a Hindi-language toolkit (Interacting with Persons with Dementia in South Asian Communities) to help support those in the South Asian community living with dementia. Also available in Punjabi, the toolkit addresses an important gap for the South Asian community by using language and situations that are culturally relevant to demonstrate the ideal ways to relate to those living with dementia and their caregivers.

Generating Socially Conscious Founders

As an accelerator of social ventures, Sheridan's EDGE Entrepreneurship Hub provides critical supports to impact entrepreneurs who seek to balance the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. EDGE helps changemakers and socially responsible entrepreneurs through mentorship, connections, and enriching programs. For example, Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch provides resources, networks, knowledge and encouragement for young changemakers to turn their impact ideas into reality. The program has recently announced their winter cohort of 33 ventures which will tackle issues of climate change and environmental sustainability.

Through purposeful collaboration, Generator at Sheridan drives innovation and impact in industry and communities. Be a part of it.