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Mixed Results for Canada’s Research and Innovation Leaders:
Universities retreat; Colleges soar; Corporations gain; Hospitals rebound

Toronto ON, 7 December 2023. Research Infosource Inc. today released their annual print and digital editions of Canada’s Innovation Leaders (CIL) 2023. CIL includes the much-awaited annual ranking across 4 sectors:
  • Canada's Top 50 Research Universities
  • Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges
  • Canada's Top 40 Research Hospitals
  • Canada's Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders
Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities reported combined research income of $9.05 billion in Fiscal 2022, plummeting by -2.6% over Fiscal 2021. Research income expanded at 24 universities and declined at 26 others. University of Toronto again led the national university ranking and Medical tier with $1.34 billion of research income in Fiscal 2022, down -8.2%. University of Waterloo topped the Comprehensive universities ($196.3 million, down -11.2%, 14th overall) and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières led the Undergraduate tier ($47.5 million, up 7.7%, 28th overall). Top-placed universities by research income growth in Fiscal 2022 were: Université de Sherbrooke (Medical tier, 19.9%), University of Victoria (Comprehensive tier, 18.5%) and Laurentian University (Undergraduate tier, 57.6%). Research Infosource has designated 3 institutions as Research Universities of the Year 2023 in their respective categories: University of Toronto (Medical), University of Waterloo (Comprehensive) and Ontario Tech University (Undergraduate).

Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges reported a total of $331.1 million of sponsored research income in Fiscal 2022, a sizeable gain of 24.0% over Fiscal 2021. Research income increased at 36 colleges and declined at 14 others. Niagara College headed the list with $32.0 million of research income, up 76.8%, followed by Cégep de Trois Rivières ($26.2 million, up 32.1%) while third place was maintained by Lambton College ($16.1 million, up 13.3%). The top 3 colleges that posted the greatest research income growth were: NorQuest College (166.5%), La Cité (148.3%) and Cégep de Thetford (127.4%).

Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals reported combined research spending of $3.20 billion in Fiscal 2022, a gain of 4.7% over Fiscal 2021. Research spending increased at 30 health organizations and declined at 10 others. The top 3 leaders on the Top 40 list were: University Health Network (UHN) with outlays of $474.6 million, up 4.8% from Fiscal 2021; Hospital for Sick Children ranked in second spot ($294.2 million, up 5.8%); followed by McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) in third ($231.7 million, up 17.7%). The 3 health organizations posting the greatest research spending growth in Fiscal 2022 were: Alberta Health Services – Calgary Zone and Edmonton Zone were both up 29.0% and 28.5 % respectively and Hôpital Montfort (24.9%).

Canada’s Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders posted $16.05 billion in combined research and development (R&D) spending in Fiscal 2022. This was a significant increase of 20.2% over Fiscal 2021. R&D spending increased at 81 companies and declined at 19 others. The top 3 Corporate R&D Spenders l were: Shopify Inc. which devoted $1.96 billion to R&D, up 82.7%, followed by Constellation Software Inc. ($1.31 billion, up 36.2%) and Magna International Inc. ($844.5 million, up 6.3%). The top 3 R&D spending growth leaders overall were: ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. (231.8%), Semova Corp. (205.1%) and NervGen Pharma Corp. (141.7%).

The theme of CIL2023 is Solving global challenges through research partnerships and collaborations with a special Focus on Climate Change Research in Action. Read about how our researchers and institutions are contributing to help conquer world-wide issues through research and innovation. Explore what the best of the best are doing in Canada’s Innovation Achievements and read wise words from our Leaders’ and Researchers’ Corners, and other editorial content.

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